Rope and tyre swings

Thanks to John Woods for organising two tyre swings and a rope swing in the school grounds with the donated tyres. These are proving very popular and continue to be used daily. They are currently dens the children have been building. This type of creative play is a pleasure to watch.

Learning about China

Some of the learning is currently based around China. The children began their planning with a Chinese market. This allowed them to explore some objects linked to China and for questions and wonderings to be collected as a basis for planning. Today the class have been having a go drawing water lilies and using Chinese brush painting.

New Growth and Hope

This was the first day of lockdown last year, we thought we might be learning from home for a few weeks, no one anticipated such a challenging year. This week the children are planting seeds in the Keder House, flowers for our tubs and vegetables to harvest. Our hope is that this growing season we will be here to watch them all grow.


Thanks to Alec at Forbes Garage in Aultbea for the tyres he brought for the children. These are going to be well used. The children have been racing them, building obstacle courses and dens so far. It is the kind of creativity we really enjoy seeing at break times.

World Book Day

The children are all dressed up today for World Book Day. The pictures show them with the books linked to their characters, but also with the free books arranged for us by Ullapool Book Shop. You can see from their smiles how pleased they are with these.

Later today they are linking up with Scoraig Primary to see their friend’s costumes too.

Incredible Quilts

During Lockdown Badcaul and Scoraig Primaries worked together to produce a beautiful quilt. Each of the children were given a square of fabric and these were then combined expertly by one of the locals. Inspired by this, two of the Badcaul pupils have been working at home for months on quilts of their own. One of the quilts shows all of the dogs they know and the other shows all of the calves that were born on their farm this year. The results are amazing, we are so proud of the determination, creativity and resilience the boys have shown.

Virtual Zoo Visit

Both schools visited the Zoo this week as part of the learning on Arctic Animals. We got to see the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo and the Polar Bear at the Highland Wildlife Park. Two of the rangers showed us around and answered the childrens’ questions. We are heading back again today for a follow up visit behind the scenes.

An Talla Solais

The children have been engaging in some of art activities through the Kaleidoscope Project organised by An Talla Solais in Ullapool. The results are beautiful, the children had to observe the plants carefully to recreate them and think about the negative space around this.

Outdoor Maths

Often when people think of Outdoor Learning they don’t think about maths. Outdoor maths however, has been creative, challenging and fun as you can see from the pictures. Anything we learn in a classroom can be learnt outside and often in ways that engage children better.