Summer of Hope

The Highland Council is pleased to be able to offer some free activities and experiences during the summer thanks to funding from the Scottish Government.

Our “Summer of Hope” includes the activities included below.

Watch out for The Highland Council sharing a webpage which will include more activities to come.

Keep your eyes peeled for a “Summer of Hope” launch through Eden Court Under Canvas too.

There are many ideas for family activities through Parentclub page to help you get out and about and enjoy our open spaces.

Thanks for working so hard this year. Have a wonderful summer making memories with friends, family and everyone close to you inside and outside.

We can’t wait to hear all about it when you come back Refreshed, Reconnected, Re-energised and Ready to continue learning in August.

These are the 4 R’s we all need this summer!


The children are beginning to learn about volcanoes. As we begin new learning we use an object, experience or in this case a science experiment to spark the children’s interest. Here the children created their own volcano and their questions and wonderings about volcanoes were recorded and will form the plan for the learning.

Sports Day

The weather was perfect for our Sports Day this week as we began. Glorious sunshine and a lovely breeze. The children had chosen a mix of races, potted sports and a dodge-ball game. These were organised ably by Ben from Highlife Highland. It was lovely that we are beginning to return to normal as these are the events we really missed last year.

Sadly, it clouded over and the breeze dropped and midges stopped play, another reminder of how lucky we had been for most of the event.

Pocket orchard

The children planted and then mapped, measured and tagged some trees this week, creating a pocket orchard near the school on the site that used to be a playground. There are apple, plum and pear trees which we hope can be enjoyed by everyone in a few years time. Thanks to John Wood and Sue Pomeroy for making this happen.

National Numeracy Day 19th May 2021

This week we have been celebrating all things number with a range of activities. One of these was a Number Trail around the school grounds. The children worked in pairs and had a whole series of challenges to complete that included things like working out how old the tree stumps were, finding direction with a compass and calculating how much it would cost to swim in Poolewe pool. Other activities have included creating an outdoor cafe and mapping the trees they planted for the Pocket Orchard.

Rope and tyre swings

Thanks to John Woods for organising two tyre swings and a rope swing in the school grounds with the donated tyres. These are proving very popular and continue to be used daily. They are currently dens the children have been building. This type of creative play is a pleasure to watch.

Learning about China

Some of the learning is currently based around China. The children began their planning with a Chinese market. This allowed them to explore some objects linked to China and for questions and wonderings to be collected as a basis for planning. Today the class have been having a go drawing water lilies and using Chinese brush painting.

New Growth and Hope

This was the first day of lockdown last year, we thought we might be learning from home for a few weeks, no one anticipated such a challenging year. This week the children are planting seeds in the Keder House, flowers for our tubs and vegetables to harvest. Our hope is that this growing season we will be here to watch them all grow.


Thanks to Alec at Forbes Garage in Aultbea for the tyres he brought for the children. These are going to be well used. The children have been racing them, building obstacle courses and dens so far. It is the kind of creativity we really enjoy seeing at break times.

World Book Day

The children are all dressed up today for World Book Day. The pictures show them with the books linked to their characters, but also with the free books arranged for us by Ullapool Book Shop. You can see from their smiles how pleased they are with these.

Later today they are linking up with Scoraig Primary to see their friend’s costumes too.