A woodland Perspective

One of the projects we have been working on this term is looking at our outdoor space from different perspectives. This is an outdoor learning project linked to the Woodland Trusts, Green Tree Award. This project should see us get the Platinum award. We used cameras to record different views (bird eye, bug eye, eye level) noticing all the different things, natural and manmade that make up the space around us. We discussed what we saw and the photographs then selected one to be the inspiration for a painting.

Inverewe Garden Visit

We had a great day out at Inverewe gardens with our friends from Scoraig. We learnt a lot about red squirrels, how to spots signs of them and we even made little squirrel dreys. Thank you to Kat and Alice from Trees for life for running the session.

After lunch we went behind the scenes at the gardens to discover all about compost and the mini beasts that create rich soil for the plants to grow healthy and strong. Thank you to Inverewe gardens for hosting the day. The weather was perfect for us too.

Lighting a Fire with Mr Woods

We learnt how to light a fire with a flint and steel, which was really exciting, then had a story and cooked sweetcorn on the fire. It was also a farewell to Mr Woods, who has been fantastic, we have loved having him as part of our school and hope to see him back at Badcaul soon.

Gairloch Museum

Yesterday we visited Gairloch Museum as part of Maths Week Scotland. We were joined by two children from Kinlochewe school and took part in a maths/ weaving workshop, using area to calculate the amount of wool needed for our designs. After lunch we visited an archeological dig situated behind the museum. It was a brilliant day and we would like to thank Mark Macleod and everyone at Gairloch Museum for organising all the activities.

Exmoor Pony Ecosystem

This is the beautiful quilt the children created with the help of local quilt maker. It illustrates their learning about the ecosystem where four Exmoor ponies have been grazing. The children collected, recorded and analysed lots of data about the biodiversity of the site, which has been a fascinating science project. This is part of a larger science project based at Glasgow University and where the quilt will be eventually be displayed.